My simple skin care routine!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you my skin care routine. A little back story on my skin is that I have oily teen skin, and I have been trying for ages to find a routine that fits my skin so I decided to strip it down to just a cleanser , moisturiser  and weekly a scrub! ( ovcourse I do also do face masks but that depends when I feel like my skin needs one😂)

So to start of with I use my clerasil multi action cleansing wash. It claims to: reduce redness, fight 100% of spots, remove any excess oil, deep cleans and controls breakouts! These are some big claims to make and I can confidently say that it does all of that! This helped my skin so much within the first week I saw a major  difference so I would really recommend this!

my all time favourite moisturiser is the clean and clear dual action moisturiser. I love this because not only is it oil free and moisturises it helps to prevent spots and blemishes as well, what couldn’t be more amazing!

around once or twice a week I will use a scrub, I don’t think I mentioned this earlier but I do also have quite sensitive skin so I only use softer scrubs. The scrub that I love to use is the neutrogina pink grapefruit daily scrub! It helps to get down into your pores and tackle those black and white heads  whilst smelling amazing aswell!

whenever I feel like it I do a face mask! I don’t have a favorite one as I like to try different types and makes of masks but if I decide last minute that I want to do one and don’t have one then I will pop down to either Superdrug or boots to get one as they are quite affordable and work really well too!

i hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you would like to see from me next!

jess x



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