Fashion/ beauty haul!!!

Hi everyone!

today I am going to be doing my first ever haul! It isn’t too big but I thought that I might aswell share it with you all anyway!

item 1.      Cork map

from: new look    £:9.99


Although I haven’t been to loads of countries I do love to travel so I thought this was perfect for me!

item 2.    Tanya burr lipstick

from: Superdrug  £:5.99


I’ve been wanting to get the Tanya burr lipstick in the shade pink cocoa for almost a year now so when I saw it in my local Superdrug I just had to pick it up!

Item 3.   leather watch

from: newlook     £:19.99


I needed a new watch for when I go back to school and although it’s quite basic it really stuck out to me!

Item 4.    St tropez everyday tinted body lotion

from: boots   £:10:00IMG_4617.JPG

I needed a new gradual tan and have never tried this brand before, after a few days of using the product it gave a really natural glow will be buying this again!

item 5.     Gold bug ring stack

from: newlook    £:1:50  size: L

IMG_4618.JPGI have recently been wanting to wear a lot more jewellery on a day to day basis and when I saw these in the sale I couldn’t not buy them!

i hope you all enjoyed my mini haul!!!

jess x


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