Top ten favourite songs of august!!!

hi everyone!

today i wanted to share with you songs that i have been loving this august, not all of them are new songs some are quite old but I wanted to put them in because they are just too good to leave out!!!

  1. new rules: dua lipa
  2. back to you: Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe rexha, digital farm animals
  3. samantha: Dave and j hus
  4. big for your boots: stormzy
  5. shut up: stormzy
  6. feels: Calvien Harris ft. Katy perry, pharrell Williams, big Sean
  7. boys: Charlie xcx
  8. I’m the one: dj khaled ft. Justin beiber, quavo, chance the rapper, lil Wayne
  9. sorry not sorry: Demi lovato
  10. bounce back : big Sean

these songs I’ve been listening to all august. If u haven’t checked any of them out you should because they are all amazing!!!

jess x



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