My easy workout routine!!!

hi everyone!

today I wanted to share with you what I do on a weekly basis to stay in shape!

1. POPSUGAR fitness

around 2-3 times a week I will generally do a popsugar fitness workout. These are at home workouts that are on popsugars YouTube, I use this because they are really fun and free at the same time!

the workouts range from beginners workouts to advanced and you can tailor them to what suites you. The workouts also range from being just 2-5 minutes whilst others are 30-40 minutes!

2. Park run

parkrun is a 5k run which happens every Saturday.  (Unfortunately they only run this in the U.K.). All you have to do is register online and you can find out where your nearest parkrun is, once you have registered they will give you a unique barcode which they scan at the end of every race if you want your time and place ( this will be emailed to you, also you can still do it if you don’t want your time and place!).

3. What I wear to workout!

I will generally wear some leggins and a short top with a pair of adidas zx flux!

i hope you enjoyed reading this post!

jess x



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