Natural back to school makeup routine!!!

Hi everyone!

today I am going to share with you all my natural back to school makeup routine!

my school only allows makeup as long as it looks natural so this is going to be quite basic!

STEP 1: primer

primer is definitely essential in this look as we are going to be at school for over 6 hours and we don’t want our makeup coming off throughout the day!

i recommend: the Rimmel lasting finish primer 004. It adds 8hr wearing time to your makeup and it doesn’t break the bank!


STEP 2: foundation

i know that not everybody wants to wear foundation to school but for me I do like to have a bit of coverage!

i recommend: L’Oréal true match foundation. I think I spoke about this in a previous post but I do really love this foundation! It is lightweight and has great coverage! ( I am shade 2.N. vanilla)


STEP 3: concealer

concealer is essential to me as I have dark under eye bags so this is great for covering them up!

* TIP* if you have dark under eye bags like me use a red lipstick to cover them up before concealer and this will cancel out the blue tones under your eyes and act like a colour corrector !

i recommend: the collection lasting perfection concealer. This lasts for over 16 hours which is great for school! ( I use shade 1 fair to highlight my under eyes and cover any spots)



STEP 4: powder

to set my makeup in place for the day I use powder.

i recommend: Rimmel match perfection translucent powder. This powder gives a really nice satin finish which I am in love with!

IMG_4694STEP 5: mascara

a coat of mascara really elongates the lashes making your eyes look more awake!

*TIP* use white eyeliner in the waterline of your eyes to make them seem bigger!

i recommend: L’Oréal miss baby roll mascara. I’ve been really loving this recently as it gives a really natural effect without looking  clumpy like some other drugstore mascaras!


STEP 6: lips

lips I like to keep really natural and similar to my natural lip colour!

i recommend: Tanya burrs lipstick in the shade pink coca. This is a really pretty pink nude lip colour that lasts all day!

IMG_4615I really hope you enjoyed this basic makeup routine. I tried to just use the bare essentials and make it quick and easy to do in the morning!

jess x


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