The liebster award!!!

Hi everyone!

Today’s  post is going to be a bit different to what i normally do because i have recently been nominated for the liebster award by a loverly blogger named Zora_M_!

As i have only been blogging for not even a month now it came as a huge shock that someone had nominated me for a award so thanks again Zora!!

Here are the rules:

  • Display the award on your blog, by including it in a post or displaying it using a widget or gadget.
  • write a 150-300 word post on your favourite blog that’s not your own and explain why and provide the links.
  • Answer your questions and provide ten random facts about yourself!
  • nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award ( they do have to have less than 200 followers!) make sure to let them know you nominated them as well!
  • list the rules in your post!

My favourite blogger is ….

Emily Claire Beauty! She is one of the first bloggers that i ever followed on WordPress and I am quite picky about who i choose to follow, anyone else the same?

i absolutely love the way that she writes and she is an amazing beauty blogger! She is based in the uk like myself so its really interesting reading about some of her recent trips around the country! She does post regually, at least once a week, if you haven’t come across Emily yet you should go and check her out!

Question Time!

  1. what is your favourite song?

I have been recently loving whatever has been in the charts although i do adore Taylor swifts new song ” look what you made me do”! I did actually do a post on my top ten favourite songs so if you would like to check it out Here !

2. Where are you based?

so I’m pretty sure i have mentioned this earlier on in my post but i am from somewhere in the uk!

3. Have you got any ride or die beauty products?

Yes! Of course i do!

I’m pretty sure that most people have those products that suit them perfectly! One of my favourites is the L’Oréal true match foundation, I have actually talked about this in most of my posts so i wont bore you but this is actually really good for my skin type which is normal to oily and it does last all day! They did recently bring out a true match concealer and you don’t know how excited i was to hear that! I thinking of doing a review on it soon once i get my hands on it!

My ten random facts!

  1. although i live in the uk i am actually half Italian!
  2. i am actually only 13 going on 14 this year!
  3. my birthday is late February!
  4. so that does mean that my star sign is Pisces!
  5. i actually really love to bake!
  6. one of my favourite tv shows recently is the great British bake off!
  7. i have a Australian labradoodle , its a type of dog, called Rex he is going to be four in November!
  8. the first time that i had ever seen a dolphin in person was only a couple of months ago!
  9. dolphins are my favourite animal!
  10. when i am older i would love to work as something within the fashion industry!

My  nominations are

1. Katerina Marie

2. Signed by Olivia

3. Jessica Anna beauty

4. A typical life

5. Fashio-perso

i hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks again for nominating me!

jess x








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