DIY beauty treatments to get you through autum/winter!!!

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe that October is only around the corner, September has gone so fast!

although the autumn and winter months are my favorite the weather can most definitely damage your hair and skin, I am not looking forward to chapped lips and dry skin!

so with that in mind I have found some treatmeants that you can do yourself at home to get your skin through the cold weather!

1. Super simple lip scrub!

As I mentioned earlier a big problem for people when winter hits is dry lips!

I normally suffer with this when winter weather comes and sometimes just a chapstick won’t do( although they are pretty handy!)

To make this you need :

  • sugar( I use caster sugar which is quite gentle but use something a bit more rougher if you want it more intense)
  • Honey ( this soothes the lips while exfoliating them)
  • olive oil ( you can also use coconut oil)

just put all the ingredients in a bowl until it is the consistency you would like, there really isn’t any right or wrong with this so just tailor the ingredients to what suits you.

apply this to the lips followed by a lip balm and your lips should feel fully hydrated and soft!

2. Coconut oil hair mask

This is more like a hack than a DIY but it works wonders so I couldn’t leave it out!

all you need is some coconut oil and a shower cap which is optional. Firstly apply some coconut oil into your hands and warm it up a bit if it is from a tub. Then apply to the ends of your hair. ( don’t apply this near the root of your hair as this will make it really oily!) if you have a shower cap you can put your hair up in this so your hair doesn’t get in the way while the hair mask is in your hair. Then leave it in for 15-20 minutes and wash out with your regular shampoo and conditioner.

This will leave your hair feeling silky and soft!

3. DIY body butter!

it is so important to moisturise your body especially during the winter/autum seasons as this is where your skin can be more prone to being a lot more dry and dehydrated . I found this recipe which only needs 2 ingredients!

First choose your oil, you can choose any oil you want some of my favorites include lavender oil, coconut oil and avacado oil.

then choose your butter this can be shea butter, coco butter or mango butter!

step 1 is to melt down your butter in a hot water bath( in a bowl over a pan filled with boiling water ) if your oil is solid to then melt that aswell.

step 2

Once your butter has melted, put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Make sure to cover the lid of whatever you have put the butter in as you don’t want any condensation leaking into the butter!

when you take it out make sure that it is only semi solid.

Step 3

then whisk it until light and creamy!

* side note*  this melts into the skin like butter on a hot pan so don’t worry if it feels greasy at first as afterwards my skin felt velvety soft!

i hope you all enjoyed this post and try to make some of these, if you do let me know in the comments because I would love to know what you all think of them!

jess x



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