October 2017 wish list!!!

Hi everyone!

as we all know that it is officially autum now many brands are starting to bring in autumnal products and because autum is my favorite season ever I have started a wish list for all the products that I want to try out during this season!

the first product has to be the morphe 350M pallett. This palette did come out a while ago with all the shades shimmery ( I don’t know how to explain it 😂) but they have now remade the palette so all the shades are matte!

this litterally looks like autum in an eyeshadow palette!13222EFE-0FE8-4B2A-B554-3A357175CF81.jpegthe next item is a bath and body works candle !

unfortunatly bath and body works do not sell in the uk at this moment in time so it will be a bit more difficult to get my hands on one however they look so cute I am going to try my hardest!

All the scents sound and smell gorgeous like cinnamon swirl and pumpkin peacan waffles don’t they sound like the best names ever!

933B820C-A599-45A7-9C41-271EA95A5307.jpegThe next things that I would like to try out are the body shops new autum range, I’m pretty sure that I saw zoella talk about this in one of her recent posts and I loved the look of the shower gel the most!

I hope you enjoyed this post I didn’t want to keep on rambling on about loads of products so I did decide to keep it quite short. Hopefully soon I can do a review on all these products!

jess x


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