Weekend wrap up + new Instagram!!

Hi everyone!

i am so sorry that I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks I hope you all forgive me!

for today’s post I thought I would try something different. This weekend I have quite a few different things going on so I thought I would share with you what I plan to do throughout this weekend!

#1 go for a morning walk

i am actually writing this whilst on my walk right now, but I have wanted to do this for a while as autum is my favorite time of the year. I grabbed myself a caramel latte and set off to walk around the river. The walk was really beautiful and I felt ready to start my day afterwards!


#2 youth group fun day

this Saturday i am going to a youth group fun day. There will be a barbecue and games and I thought it would be a nice way to catch up with friends!

( these are some pictures from last years fun day!)


#3 starting my confirmation

when i was younger I did go to a catholic primary although I don’t go to a catholic secondary I thought this would still be a nice thing to do with my friends as I have been baptised and done my holy communion so I thought I might aswell finish it off!

#4 have Sunday lunch with my family

my family is Italian so we don’t always have a roast we normally rotate between pasta and a roast but it still tastes amazing! This is normally the only time in the week I get to see my grandparents and other family members so it is great to catch up with them!

i hope you all enjoyed this post!

i did just want to quickly say that I have made an Instagram for my blog! If you would like to follow me or just see what’s going on in my life then you can follow me Here

i hope you have a nice weekend!

jess x


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