September/ October favorites!!!


Hi everyone!

i was going through all my old posts recently and realised that I never did a September favorites post! As we are currently in the middle of October I decided to do a September/ October favorites post as I thought it would make more sense!

item #1 Carmex strawberry lip balm!

i know it is only a lip balm but it is the best lip balm I have ever used! I have been using the vasiline red lip balm for ages and my lips just didn’t feel hydrated like they used to so I decided to switch things up and purchase the Carmex strawberry flavoured lip balm instead which after the first use made my lips feel absolutely amazing!!! 4C1043A5-671E-42C6-B058-7BEF859301D0Item #2 mustard bobble hat!

the next thing is very autumnal, it’s a bobble hat! I went on a shopping trip the other day with a few friends and come across this, initially I was not going to buy it as I thought it was going to be to much money but it was only £7.995B4475FF-961D-47E7-B852-6FD7CFDCB5ED.jpeg 

item #3 pink velvet pyjama trousers!

i have needed some new autum/ winter pyjamas for a while so I decided to pop down to my local Tesco to see what they had there, I know Tesco is not your first choice when shopping for clothing but trust me when I say that over 90% of my pyjamas are from Tesco, they are just so cozy and affordable!65FE2D6C-9E5D-4DCA-9576-A2CFCA78875C

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

jess x

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