Why I changed my blog name?!!

Hi everyone!

today I thought that I would very quickly let you all know why I decided to change my blog name!

i decided to change it as I didn’t really feel like my blog name really represented me very well. I kept on thinking about if someone found my blog and saw my blog name that they would’nt really be able to tell who the blogs author is and what they were about.

just to clear this up rose is my middle name and I thought that it would be a lot easier to use this name as when people find my blog they immediately know who the author is and a little bit about them!

im sorry if this didn’t really make sense but I hope you all understand!

jess x


6 thoughts on “Why I changed my blog name?!!

  1. Mrs.S LDN says:

    I’ve just found you my love and I dig the new name! It rolls lovely of the tongue! My 1st and middle name I don’t think work… Hazel Elizabeth…. Both family names but not sure work well together! What was the old one out of curiosity?? xx

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