autum night routine !!!

Hi everyone!

it is finally autum! I can now go out in comfy sweaters and jeans and enjoy those long bubble baths I dream about throughout my day and enjoy a good cup of tea whilst listening to the rain outside!

what I am trying to say is that autum is the perfect month for a good, cozy night in. So i thought why not share with you what i have been doing to wind down during this season!

 Freshly cooked meal

I don’t know why but there is something so satisfying about eating a DELICIOUS meal and knowing that you cooked it yourself. Some of my favorite things to cook during autum are pies , soups , pasta bakes and of course some good old sausages and mash !

hot drink and tv catch up

after my meal I will generally make myself a hot drink which will normally be either a hot chocolate or a cup of tea. I will then put on the tv and see what’s on and catch up on any shows that I might of missed.


whilst watching tv I will most likely light some candles to light up the place and make it feel more homely. Unfortunately bath and body works do not sell in the uk at this moment in time so I use Yankee candle who have some amazing autum/winter scents.

long bubble bath!

this night routine would not be complete without a bubble bath! This is also a great time to try out any new bath products I have recently picked up and have been desperate to try!

make a hot water bottle!

after my bath I will be feeling so toasty and warm but there is nothing worse than sleeping in a stone cold bed! That’s why I will make up a hot water bottle and leave it in my bed ready for me to get in and go to sleep!

catch up on some sleep!

by this point I will be feeling so relaxed which is the perfect time for me to catch up on my sleep that I have missed throughout the week!

what do you do in your night routine?

jess x


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2 thoughts on “autum night routine !!!

  1. mikerana says:

    Jessica you listed down things that people do when they are relaxed and near the homely nature. I enjoyed this journey as if it was happening to me. How I wish these were shared in person and not just in the mind of a virtual friend.

    Do you know what lies in the future, of course you are not concerned and I don’t want to make you aware of the painful loneliness, more when you are amongst the many virtual friends, a trend that we see today.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your blissful events and minutes and make us all a part of your happiness. And don’t worry about the others, none is worth caring about.

    Enjoy your self cooked meals, the luxurious bubbles, and the hot beverages and hope the TV carries the most romantic stories for you.

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