20 things I love under £20!!!

Hi everyone!

i recently read a post that was called “ 10 things under £10” I found it really interesting as I am always looking for new things to buy and doesn’t everyone love a good bargain? So I thought I would put together 20 things I love which are all under £20! I thought this would be useful for gift ideas on a budget seeing as Christmas is only two months away!

#1 nyx warm neutrals palette


You can buy it for £16 Here

#2 pixi holiday glow tonic


you can buy this for £10 Here

#3 bjork and berries body wash

C89EC356-9C9C-4CB9-8734-379159CF085EYou can buy this for £18 Here

#4 Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wizz


You can buy this for £15.50 Here

#5 ouai hair care morning after kit

4A875133-CD2F-42F5-841B-8947C878D8E1You can buy this for £19.50 Here

#6 sachajuan hair after the sun cream

7FB4C38D-9EDE-4BF4-AD62-49E3EFC9E2C6        You can buy this for £20 Here

#7 plt nude lace dress

FA3A49FC-5C8C-4F99-8083-995B0F435638You can buy this for £6 Here

#8 pretty pink makeup brush pad

43C2904F-DF18-424D-9E29-42D8B61D9F69You can buy this for £5 Here

#9 rose gold patterned pot

61A75521-58F3-42F0-8ADB-94A7E089E50C.jpegYou can buy this for £3.99 Here

#10 metallic owl mug

AAC2A900-3282-4900-B954-6743E4F26794.jpegYou can buy this for £5.99 Here

#11 jewellery holder

21389FA6-302B-4483-9D44-3A963799F367You can buy this for £12.99 from new look

#12 topshop t shirt

6D372136-BC4D-40C2-8E66-BC22887A8100.jpegYou can buy this for £7 Here

#13 fresh soy face cleanser

6EAE766B-746F-4C54-83BE-A7A02F308262You can buy this for £11.50 Here

#14 erborian cc cream

ABFE19FC-EA56-4094-9D55-856DC54A44E3You can buy this via house of Fraser for £17 Here

#15 liz earl cleanse and polish starter kit

BBEB2C61-0A21-4C4F-B542-01492F966432You can buy this for £16 Here

#16 nyx contour and highlight sticks

231B7D5F-6CF8-4687-A3A1-B606E492A956You can buy this for £10.50 Here

#17 smashbox try it kit

2D0E9496-E4A7-4D16-BD3D-7EC8A1160FA6.jpegYou can buy it for £19.50 Here

#18 becca lit from within kit

52F35EB3-7448-4374-903D-83E45F59FF75You can buy this for £20 Here

#19 Kiehls eye cream

9CC70C5E-431E-4C23-8C8C-230F51424A1F.jpegYou can buy this for £20 Here

#20 Milani conceal and perfect Foundation


You can buy it for £13 Here


i hope you all enjoyed this post!

do you have any great budget products ???

jess x

my instagram: Jessica.rose.blogs


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