How much is my makeup bag worth?

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is quite an interesting one as you can see by the title we are going to be finding out how much my makeup bags worth! I have never thought about this until the other day when i was watching a youtube video on this and i thought that this would be a fun post to do as I don’t think i really realise how much i actually spend on makeup!


Recently I have swapped primer for a moisturiser which I think is a lot cheaper than a primer at only £2.99 !

total price so far: £2.99

foundation + beauty blender:

i use the L’Oréal true match super blendable foundation for ages now and it is £9.99 which I don’t think is too bad for a foundation. The beauty sponge i use is by real techniques and costs £19.99 which is a little more than what i would like to spend on a sponge but it does a really good job!

total price so far: £32.97


i like to use the rimmel satin finish translucent loose powder which costs around £7.00 . I love this powder as it feels and looks flawless on the face and sets my makeup for the day.

total price so far: £39.97

bronzer and highlighter:

i use the revlon contour and lights palette which comes with eight shades costing £8.99 .

total price so far: £48.95


Recently i have just taken a Matt brown shade from the contour palette so i guess that counts as free?

total price so far: £48.95


i have been LOVING the L’Oréal Paris miss baby roll mascara, i would even go as far as to say that it is my favourite mascara i have ever tried in the drugstore EVER! It only costs £8.99 which is such a bargain for such a great mascara!

total price so far: £57.94


i have been using the MUA ( which is one of Superdrug’s own brands) velvet lip lacquer in the shade gravity which is a beautiful pink/purple nude shade! I don’t really know why but recently i have been loving a good nude lip ,anyone else the same? This reatails for £3 which is so good considering the quality of it which is amazing!

total price so far: £60.94

setting spray:

the last thing i put on my face is setting spray! As gross as it is i do not want my makeup melting off throughout the day so of course setting spay is a must. The one i have been recently using is new looks own brand setting spray. i know it is a weird choice but i was just really intrigued to see what it was like and it wasn’t going to beat the urban decay all nighter but it was great for the price i paid whic was £4.99.

 this isn’t all of what i own it is only what i personally like to wear on a daily basis which is why it is all drugstore as I don’t really want to have to spend a lot of money on replacing things if i am using them daily which is why i am shocked to say the price is …. drumroll please….   £65.93!!

i am so shocked that is has come to this much but in all honesty i kind of knew that it was going to be over £40!

would you spend this much on makeup/ how much do you think your makeup bag is worth?

i hope you enjoyed this post!

jess x

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17 thoughts on “How much is my makeup bag worth?

  1. Jessica Anna says:

    A year ago I worked out how much my whole collection was worth and it was just over £1000! Since then I’ve bought a lot more high end make up so I hate to think what it is worth now haha xx


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