Bonfire night pt 1!!!

Hi everyone!

i am sooo sorry that I haven’t posted in over a week but I have found some ways to keep me motivated and they have seemed to be helping!

before we get into the post today I just wanted to quickly mention that I have been really active on my Instagram recently so if you would like to check it out my username is : Jessica.rose.blogs   there will also be a link at the bottom of this post!

As most of you will know it is bonfire night today and over the weekend there will be loads of firework displays across the country! I went to a firework display yesterday (November 4th) and it was amazing!

we have been going to the same firework display for a couple of years and it never seems to disappoint us! It is in a little village about 20-30 mins away from where we live and you only have to pay £10 per car which is quite cheap compared to some of the prices of firework displays near us.

the bonfire:

B695E72A-7E9D-4D4D-909A-41130DD958F2The bonfire started pretty early at 6:30 which is great for familys and there was also a mini fun fair and multipul food stands, I did have a hot chocolate whilst watching the fire burn and it was loverly !

it was quite cold yesterday so it was nice to have the bonfire to keep us warm and as you can see from some of the other pictures everybody was wearing a bobble hat and scarf!




Seeing as As bonfire night is today(November 5th) I will be going to another display tonight so stay tuned for pt 2!!!

do you celebrate bonfire night/did you do anything to celebrate it?

jess x




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