Secret Santa gift ideas! Blogmas day #1!

Hi everyone!

i am so excited as this is the first blogmas post of 2017!! I am hoping that I manage to do this as this is my FIRST EVER BLOGMAS ~ sorry in advance if I don’t post everyday, I will try to! ~ For the first post I thought it would be good to give you all some Christmas gift ideas, as we all have that person that we are just COMPLETELY STUCK on what to get them ~ just me? ~ and theese types of posts do give me ideas on what to ask for Christmas as well!

Gifts for Her:

Ofcourse different people have different tastes however if you ~ like me ~ LOVE lush then you know this is the perfect place to get someone a gift. Not only are their products vegan, whatever you get always smells AMAZING!! lush is also amazing for anyone who loves baths ~ I have always been a bath girl! ~/ just having good pamper evening!

Sticking with the pampering theme, why not get her some face masks? Face masks are a brilliant way of keeping your skin healthy and clear and are a great way of helping you rewind after a long and stressful week!

Whenever anyone asks me what I would like to receive for Christmas I will most likely say gift cards. Most brands do gift cards ~ new look, river island, MAC etc. ~ and if you know which brands she LOVES gift cards are a great way to spend the EXACT amount you want to spend on her. This will almost guarantee that she will be able to find something and buy it with the money you gave her!

Gifts for Him:

This year I was completely stuck on what to get my dad and brother , with many gift idea posts read I got them both something from JD sports~ this is also wear I get all my sports gear too!~  again I guess it depends who you are buying for but my dad and brother are both into sports so I did just buy them some accessories ~ sports socks, backpacks, hats etc. ~

Dosn’t everybody LOVE chocolate? ~ I know I do! ~ so why not get him a box of his favourite chocolates ! I know, I know it isn’t the most original idea ever but it’s still a nice gesture to make!

what tips and tricks do you know when it comes to Christmas present shopping? 

I hope you enjoyed my FIRST EVER BLOGMAS POST!

jess x

ps. have you checked out my instagram: @jessica.rose.blogs




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