Christmas tag! Blogmas day #3!!

Hi everyone!

For the third blogmas post I decided to do the Christmas tag! I thought this would be a fun thing to do as it will let you get to know what my xmas’s are like!

1. Favorite xmas movie?

EVERY, SINGLE, YEAR as soon as it is socially exceptable to watch xmas movies I always watch Christmas with the kranks! This is such a good xmas movie if you haven’t watched it, you should!

2. What tops your tree?

Always has to be a star 🌟 

3. Ever had a white xmas?

yes, only when I was very little though!

4. Favorite xmas song?

i don’t have a favorite but doesn’t everybody love a bit of Michael bublé?

5. Real or fake tree?

used to have a fake but the best xmas smell is a fresh xmas tree!

6. Favorite xmas treats?

Youve got to love some mince pies and gingerbread this time of year!

7. Enjoy wrapping presents?

Yes! It puts me into the best Christmas mood ever

8. White or coloured tree lights?

can I say both?! We have two xmas trees one with white lights and the other with coloured and they both look beautiful!

9. Favorite xmas scent?

any Yankee candle seasonal scent

10. Do you make/ stick to your resolutions?

i used to make resolutions however I never stuck to them so I just don’t bother anymore!

How would you answer these questions?

jess x

ps. Have you checked out my Instagram @jessica.rose.blogs




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