Favourite Xmas recipes! Blogmas day #5!

Hi everyone!

I feel like Christmas time is PERFECT for trying out different Christmas inspired recipes, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite recipes with you!

cranberry chicken salad

i LOVE a good chicken salad and I feel like adding a festive twist to it makes it taste a whole lot better!  You can find the recipe I used which serves four Here

sticky apple cups

theese are so cute! They are apples which are hollowed out and are filled with mince ~ don’t worry the mince pie kind not the meat!~ they are also microwaveable friendly which is perfect for a quick treat, you can find the recipe here

Winter wonderland cake

This is by far on of the best Christmas bakes I have EVER stumbled upon! This is so much fun to make with the family or by yourself! This is the recipe I used

Gingerbread men

dont you just love gingerbread? I feel like there is just something really Christmassy about it that brings me back down memory lane! I recently did a post on my favourite gingerbread recipe you can find it here

what is your go to recipe? Let me know if you try any of theese recipes!

jess x

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