*updated* skincare routine!

Hi everyone!

long time no see, am I right? After the disaster which was blogmas I decided that I needed a break to just get myself together for 2018, which took a little longer than expected! But I can say that I will not be going anywhere for sometime!

over the winter season my skincare regimen changed quite a bit as I was trying lots of new brands and products and replaced most of my older products with them.


mid last year I was using two cleansers, one which was an exfoliating daily wash. Looking back on it now the reason I used that was because I have blackheads on my nose and I thought that this would help to get rid of them. In the long run this was making my skin very dry which was making my oil glands produce more oil clogging up my pores even more.

i do still use two cleansers one is a cream cleanser which has lots of oils in it and it does lightly exfoliate aswell. The second one is a new purchase by garnier and has aloe Vera in it which is so refreshing too.


a few months ago, I went to Kiehls which is a new brand I have been LOVING for ages now. The workers are so helpful and helped me find products which matched my skin type. Not gonna lie this is the first time I have paid a bit more for skin care but it was definitly worth it. One of the products they recommended was their ultra facial toner which is for all skin types. Since using this my redness has gone down a lot and my face feels so refreshed after I have used it.


When I went to kiehls the workers also recommended the ultra facial gel cream. It is a cool gel that works wonders for keeping my oil at bay whilst hydrating as well!

All products I use:

Liz earl cleanser

Garnier cleanser

Kiehls toner

Kiehls cream


let me know in the comments what your holy grail skin care products are!

jess x


5 thoughts on “*updated* skincare routine!

  1. vivabrujas says:

    Thanks for sharing your routine! I love Kiehls too, I’m using their Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner and it is my holy grail toner for sure, it’s so hydrating and makes my skin so smooth! Definitely recommend it if you want to try other Kiehls products šŸ™‚

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