Morphe brushes, worth the hype?!

If you ever happen to click on any beauty gurus makeup toutorial, I bet you they will use at least one morphe brush. Morphe brushes first blew up a couple of years ago after many beauty bloggers, makeup artists, beauty gurus etc found a love for them! A few years on and I can’t click on a makeup toutorial without seeing them mentioned once, so I thought I would try them out myself and see whether they are really worth the hype.

I did buy two brush sets which were £25 each. One set was called “complexion goals”and was recently made for their Christmas range. The second set was called “ eye credible set” and like the name, came with 12 different eye brushes. When they first arrived, each set came in cases and each brush was individually wrapped.

I have to say, when I first used them they were so soft and felt like such good quality brushes. I have now been using them for at least a week and they have become a staple part of my makeup routine. I can definitly see why so many people rave about them. The eye brushes picked up so much more pigment than what my last brushes did which brought my eyeshadow game to the next level.

the brush kits mentioned:

Complexion goals set

Eye credible set

have you ever tried morphe brushes? Did you enjoy them? Tell me in the comments!

jess x


5 thoughts on “Morphe brushes, worth the hype?!

  1. thehighlighterlife says:

    I’ve always thought about buying the sets, but the reviews are so varied. I’m worried the hairs would fall out. I’ve bought some of their more expensive individual bushes and they aren’t bad- nothing to rave about as I could as easily buy something from Priceline (and not have to pay shipping cost) and it would work as good, or even better. I’m so conflicted.


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