Beauty essentials: gym edition

Ever since the new year ( which is nearly 5 months ago, how fast has it gone?!) I have tried to go to the gym at least once a week. So far this pledge has been going pretty well and since I am technically no longer a newbie at ‘the gym life’ I thought I would share some of the potions and lotions which have somehow kept me from looking like a shambolic mess during my workout!

Setting spray

Now I know that wearing a full face of makeup to the gym is a big no no but I generally tend to go straight to the gym from work and don’t have the time to remove my makeup. Of course I dont want to have mascara streaming down my face and massively cakey foundation ( the worst makeup blunders) so I would definitely recommend setting spray for keeping that makeup looking gorgeous all throughout the day. I know some people are quite sceptical of setting spray and wonder if it actually works, but trust me it makes a difference! The one I cannot go without is the  Urban decay all nighter setting spray which is definitly worth the hype. A couple squirts of this and you are good to go!

facial wipes

pre and post workout I will always use a facial wipe to get rid of any dirt on the surface of my skin. I love to use the Hydro boost facial wipes as they do free your face from the likes of waterproof mascara as well and leave your face feeling as fresh as a daisy after your gym session!

body scrub

there is nothing like having a nice refreshing wash after the gym as you feel so much better for it afterwards! I like to use a good coffee scrub like the Grounded coffee scrub which they do in multiple mouth watering flavours such as chocolate orange and coconut coffee!

what are your go to gym essentials?

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